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Asian catering provides articles on Asian Catering and a directory of Asian catering service companies.
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Asian food caterers in London and other parts of UK. Why Asian food?
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Asian Caterers

Asian cuisine is popular with the masses and people in different regions of the world. It has spread its wings beyond the Asian borders into countries like Europe, Australia America and UK. Different flavours; colours and presentation make it more fascinating to the eyes, tastes and odour. Asian cuisine has found its way into the heart of people, and so has The Asian caterers worldwide.

Asian caterers use healing qualities of different spices and ingredients in the cuisine. The same dish tastes different with the unique blend of different spices. Salt is the most popular followed by Jeera (cumin), Haldi (turmeric), red chilli and Amchur (dry mango powder). Each spice has unique taste and ability that brings out the best flavour in that food. Asian caterers believe in creating an art with the flavours of food. While Indian cuisine is dependent on spices; Chinese, Japanese and Korean ones are dependent on different sauces. Southern Thailand dishes have a huge influence of coconut and Basil Leaves. Coconut and Basil Leaves is used in almost every cuisine.

Asian caterers are famous for offering such richness and variety of flavours to their clients. A range of seasoning and characteristic tastes are offered on the menu.� Each region - China, India, Thai, and Vietnamese contributes own characteristic tastes and zest to the cuisine. Traditional cutleries and bowls are used for specific cuisine. Asian caterers have to keep themselves well equipped with different oriental supplies. Chopsticks are commonly used in Chinese dishes. Chinese Korean and Japanese dishes are mostly:

stewed/simmered dishes
stir-fried dishes
steamed dishes
deep-fried dishes

These are done in specially designed customized ovens, pots and pans. Minimum ingredients are used to create the magic in Asian cuisine. The recipes are kept very simple and the process is kept as traditional as possible. Asian caterers pick the best that is there to offer. The ingredients are brought from renowned suppliers who have their own brand name in the market. Fish, chicken, mutton and vegetables are bought fresh and cooked according to the clients� need. Vegetarian dishes are as unique as the non vegetarian ones. The range is huge for the clients to choose from.

Asian caterers consult their clients at every step of the way. This help them to create the most unique and personal blend of different themes for the event. The menu and different arrangement s kept well below the budget lines for simple clients. You can have your own giant extravagant celebration. On order events can be designed, oriented and executed in the way you want to. Any number of guest are served with equal professionalism from the Asian caterers. Instead of trying out the expensive novel cuisines like Mexican and French, the Asian cuisine can be a clear respite from the worries.

The British were for long associated with the Asian cuisine and Asian caterers. Today we can even see a strong presence of Asian cuisine in different small functions and corporate meeting and events in UK. The names that usually come up in Asian caterers� directory at Britain include The Curry Special, Asian catering Company, PC Foods, Green leaf, etc. All are well established in catering businesses. Most of the Asian caterers have been here in Britain for more than a decade. Few are newly established, but they are as professional and as well equipped as any other old Asian caterer.

A full course meal in Asian catering would include 4 or 5 cuisines grouped together to create a sumptuous amount. Desserts are exclusive from the Asian caterers as the main courses and the starters.

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